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    Release date 2023/12/27


    Release date 2023/12/27


    Release date 2023/06/14


    Release date 2022/12/21

    Since its inception in 1983, Films sans frontieres, has adhered to one motto

    Be open to all genres , visions and scopes From the entire world of cinematographers, and bring them to the audience,in Europe in a series of collections(collections auteurs, acteurs, les films du siècle, »polars du monde »

    From Satyajit Ray to Serguei Eisenstein, Mizoguchi,Bunuel,Tarkovski,Fritz Lang,Frank Capra, Kurosawa, Mizoguchi With recent directors as Atom Egoyan, James Ivory,Hal,  Hartley,Marco, Bellochio,Lars von Trier,Julian, Schnabel,Julio Medem,Kim ki Duk, Dereck Cianfrance…..

    The company based in France is servicing the release of feature films across different media as theatrical ,video,Television, and Online video, and has therefore acquired a reputation for a dynamic, marketing –orientated approach to distribution .

    In 1992 Fsf has started it’s own video label 250 titles have been released since,with different partnership as  the N°1 Daily « Le Monde « and other important , monthly papers,as « Le Nouvel Observateur «  more than half million dvd have reached the biggest audience ever for classics silent films.

    The Company has enjoyed success with a wide range of films including key Us independants, as Julian Schnabel’ »Before nights falls » ,Shohei Imaura »The Eel » golden palm winner in1997, and oscar nominated documentary « My Architect » and also « Water «  by Deepa Meetha released in 2006,.and recently » Blue Valentine »

    FSF has consistently been celebrating classic cinema by making prestigious re issues of famous directors of the history of cinema the collection « hommage » includes names as Kenji Mizoguchi, Serguei Eisenstein, Andrei Tarkovski, Luis Bunuel,Serguei Paradjanov, Frank Capra, Roberto Rossellini, De Sica to name but a few.

    Today,with a 800 strong library, and with many titles available worldwide, which includes 12 palme d’or Fsf can boast to be the only distributor in the world having reissued  theatrically certain titles as « Touch of Zen by King Hu or « Intolerance » by DW Griffith,or recently « Ghaire Baire “by Satyajit Ray

    Fsf has also acquired remake rights of the work of Luis Bunuel, Robert Liebmann » The Blue Angel »Liliom and many more.

    With a commitment to developing FSF in the future the company will continue exploring its activities through Production ventures.

    Through production development

    Meanwhile the company has produced two documentaries.
    « Zanzibar lost kingdom of the arabs » and « Glamour »

    Films sans frontieres is part of The Galeshka Moravioff group of companies Which includes the “CINEMETROART“
    cinema chain, in Paris, Lyon Marseille and Rouen

    In 2011 Films sans frontières will Begin it’s 29 year of existence.






    Wwith Atom Egoyan,James Ivory,Julian Schnabel


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